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Brain-Body Breakthroughs

Brain-Body Breakthroughs – Facts For Females To Avoid Frequent Fractures: An Interview with Dr. Larry McCleary

For an elderly person who has a hip fracture, the mortality rate is 20-50%. Osteoporosis is no laughing matter. Yet, many indivisuals are not aware of how they are jeopardizing their bone health or what to do about it until it is too late. Gwyneth Paltrow is vitamin D deficient and has osteopenia. So anyone can be at risk. And it is well-known that she has followed many extreme diets over the years that may have contributed to her current bone health crisis. Not alone, Britt Eckland has osteoporosis and has been encouraging public awareness of the condition.

This program is designed to educate women (and men) about metabolic bone disease — what is it, how the skeleton evolved into the multi-functional organ it is, why early bone health is important and how adolescent children are at risk for the same type of “fragility” fractures post-menopausal women experience.

Join us to hear more about vitamin D, learn about the newest bone-forming supplement, find out how your diet might be sabotaging you and what you can do about it — and should be doing about it as soon as possible. If you smoke, find out another reason why it is mandatory that you stop!

You’ll even learn how a woman can lose 10% of her skeletal calcium in six months … at age 30!

This is not a program that you can afford to miss!