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Embrace Your Vision

Judy Redlich

Embrace Your Vision – Ever-changing technology opens doors for people with special needs!

The number of apps available for the android http://market.android.com/or the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch grow daily. But did you ever stop to consider how many families with a special needs child depend on many of those apps to help their children learn and communicate?

“Embrace Your Vision” show host, Judy Redlich interviews Cristen Reat, co-founder of Snapps 4 kids www.snapps4kids.com. She and her husband have a son with Down Syndrome. Snapps 4 Kids was formed so parents of special needs kids can discuss apps they’ve found that make a difference in their kids’ learning and communicating.
If you have a friend or loved one with a special need, the information in today’s show could change the way you look at this person’s abilities… his hopes and dreams.