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From Military to Mainstream

Jaynine Howard

From Military to Mainstream – Are You Armed for Your Next Mission?

Are you ready for your next mission? Are you ready for the transition to civilian life? My guest Nathan Wagner shares how he went from the U.S. Navy to working for Microsoft. Nathan also shares how the military prepared him for the bumpy ride of working in Corporate America. Over the next 17 years Nathan built a collective body of experience in Sales, Marketing and Logistics, including the pursuit of opportunities in technology and marketing; he has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world.

Nathan share the story of having his family packed up and in the car ready to move so he could start a new job. Only to have the phone ring and the job was no longer available because the company had been sold. Nathan was not defeated he put his networking skills to use and made connections. Today Nathan is part of a soon to debut company that will shake the military community.

Everyone shares a unique connection to America’s armed forces. Whether you served or know someone who has, you will want to join ArmedZilla to be recognized or show your support as a proud member of our military community.