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Growing Great Families – Child Safety – Are we over protecting our kids or are we asleep at the wheel? Part 2

This week we continue our conversation with our two experts on child safety. If you missed Part 1, please go to our archives and listen – there’s lots of great information there!

No one would disagree that making sure our children, often referred to as our most important natural resource, are safe is the number one priority for parents and for society at large. Therefore, we decided to focus this show and the next on child safety. We present data to frame the core issues involved in keeping children safe and to help us understand the issue of child safety in depth and to offer parents specific tips on keeping their children safe in and around their homes and community, we invited two distinguished guests to join us – the Honorable Nancy Harvey Steorts, former Chairman, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and currently President of Nancy Harvey Steorts International,, and Michele Welsh Founder of Safety Tat,

Nancy Harvey Steorts has had a distinguished career. As an international consultant, media commentator, speaker and author, she remains committed to the concept of quality and safety for the consumer. President Reagan appointed Ms. Steorts Chairman of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Michele Welsh is the inventor of Safety Tat, a temporary child ID tattoo, the parent of three young children and a successful entrepreneur who has been interviewed on many TV and radio shows and magazine articles.

The data, as reported by the National Center for Health Statistics in 2006 reveals that there were about 17,000 child deaths that were not naturally caused. 11,674 were as a result of unintentional injury, 3,418 from homicide and 1,774 from suicide for a mortality rate of 20.6. The numbers for 2002 were a bit higher with a mortality rate of 21.3. A slight improvement but still the unnecessary loss of 17,000 children


With the help of Nancy and Michelle we look at all aspects of child safety from understanding and preventing child abductions to the way parents can make sure their children wear helmets when riding their bicycles. In addition we will address the more chronic issues that affect the well being of our kids – childhood obesity and the impact of poverty.