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Robin Siegerman


We’ve all heard at least one renovation horror story.  Who was to blame in the one you heard?  Most often, the finger is pointed at the contractor.  In this episode of Renovation Bootcamp, host Robin Siegerman is out to show you why it isn’t always the contractor’s fault when something goes wrong.  To help her out, she’s enlisted veteran contractor–and star of HGTV Canada’s hit TV show Real Renos–Jim Caruk!  With over 35 years in the business tucked under his (tool) belt, Jim Caruk knows contracting inside and out; so much so, that he’s started his own BIY (Build It Yourself) Learning Center to teach homeowners how to do it right.  Tune in to learn all about great renovations, how to avoid renovation disasters, and how you can get on board with the Green Movement!

Jim starts off the show by telling Robin all about his BIY Learning Center and the joy clients feel from doing the work themselves.  However, when is it a good idea to build it yourself…?  And when do you need to call in a professional?

“As I was a kid, I used to build–as all crazy boys did–forts and stuff so we could hide from our parents… We were always building something when I was a kid,” says Jim Caruk on how he got his start as a contractor. “It’s in the blood!”  Jim then shares a humorous anecdote on his first run-in with the Building Department (he was only 12 at the time!).

What are your biggest renovation questions?  How much does a typical renovation cost?  How much time will be spent?  Where should you even begin…?

In an episode with heart, humor, and great advice; you may find yourself looking at home renovations in a whole new way–and never blaming the contractor again!  Tune in!