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Your Quantum Computer Within

Your Quantum Computer Within – Antidote to Gloom & Doom

An interview with Jim Granger, Yes, we are on the verge of a quantum leap in human consciousness. A leap into that Kingdom of Heaven Within, wherein we experience actual At=One=Ment, or the Unity Consciousness of the truly Biggest of all Pictures Hologram – which we are all a most intimate part of. A holographic chip of the whole block so to speak. Such that the best way for any of us to avoid being caught in any kind of downward spiral into gloom and doom. Is to begin taking precisely those personal response-abilities, which can lead us into functioning in peaceful felt harmony with the larger hologram, which we are each and every single One of us, as we said a most intimate part of. As opposed to remaining in any kind of in separation conflict, with that larger hologram. Which of course, is inevitably going to lead into a much fuller opening of our hearts.