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A Shield for the Innocent

Bidemi Nelson

A Shield for the Innocent – THE SEXUAL ABUSE OF CHILDREN

In our world today, child sexual abuse is now on the rise especially in Africa where it is almost a taboo to talk about it to anyone. Sadly, it is this taboo that has resulted in the proliferation of this heinous crime against children. Globally, approximately 1 in 5 women and 1 in 10-20 men report being sexually abused as children. On this week’s edition of A SHIELD FOR THE INNOCENT, Bidemi Nelson will be talking to Nigeria’s Christianah Akindolie, the founder of the Christianah fate foundation ( This is a Nigerian non-governmental organization dedicated to fighting against the sexual abuse of children and also breaking the silence/taboo of talking about it. Please note that the references or examples of children cited by my guest are indicative of both male and female children. This means both male and female children can and are being sexually abused everyday in different parts of the world. Lets empower ourselves to stop this onslaught against our children.