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2012 Higher Love

Sri and Kira

2012 Higher Love – Elenin and End Times Ahead?

With the speculation surrounding Comet Elenin—and the potential outcome of its extremely close proximity to Earth during September and October!—it seems that fear is on the rise.  Will this comet bring about the “3 days of darkness” that have been prophesied for eons? Is it necessary to prepare for its arrival?  Will humanity even make it to 2012?—Or is this the Sign that so many have been seeking to justify extreme actions?  Get ready!  Throughout this episode, Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa will share NEW information about the remaining months of 2011; and the importance of discerning your Focus!

“The rumors and fear and gossip around the ‘End of the World’ or the ‘trouble ahead’…is indeed picking up,” says Sri.  In this ever more reactionary world, filled with uncertainty, people are constantly seeking something to latch onto.  But how will our responses to these uncertain times determine our individual and collective futures?

Kira Raa shares a heartbreaking story of a woman scared into an utter panic, her own personal experiences, and what her intuition has led her to believe about the upcoming months.  Is the Comet Elenin attached to a prophesy?  And, if so, which one?  Does the month of September hold any other significance in our lives?

“We’re not here to say that people are wrong in how they’re responding,” explains Sri. “We’re here to talk about the hype and how one inflammatory or energetic comment feeds another.”  Are you prepared to lose the hype, learn the truth, and regain your focus?  Would you like a life without fear?

Rather than sitting around wondering or worrying, tune in and discover that you are not powerless.  You are quite the opposite.  Take charge of this moment, and allow your life to start a hyper-drive experience in a Quantum Leap world!