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Aging Without Limits

Alicia Stanton MD

Aging Without Limits – Living By Design and Honoring the Energy of the Body

Many of us wonder if we’re really doing the right things for our bodies as we age. There is so much information out there about what to eat, what type of exercise we should do and how we should approach many aspects of our lives. But, what is right for you? My guest today, Lynn Hargis, is the Founder and Head Coach of Living By Design, a coaching company specializing in Relational Communications and Nutritional Lifestyles. She has also created Nutrition Transition, a systematic way of eating, drinking and thinking that can restore the body and promote optimal health. Listen to Lynn and I as we discuss what you can learn from your own body about what you should be feeding it – through your food and your mind. As always, thank you to my sponsor ZRT Laboratories.