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Hovey Smith

Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures – Gator Getting

September is alligator season in many Southeastern states, providing one of the most Adrenalin-charged hunting experiences available to the North American hunter. These large predatory reptiles have primitive nervous systems that are impervious to pain, bone-crushing jaws, rib-cracking tails and gut-ripping claws. They are battled to the death at close range with the final blow delivered by a hand-held knife.
Alligators are a remarkable success story. They were brought back from near-extinction to the point where they may be hunted throughout the Gulf Coast states as well as in South Carolina and Georgia on the Atlantic Seaboard and even in Arkansas and Oklahoma. These are carefully controlled season, and the take of alligators is closely monitored throughout their range.
Featured on the show are a daylight hunt with a muzzle-loading rifle in Florida and the more typical night hunts for alligators with crossbows in Georgia and Florida. These hunts tell the listener exactly what to expect when they go after trophy alligators which range from 9 to nearly 14 feet long and may have body weights approaching 1,000 pounds.
The cooking section details recipes for the preparation and cooking of “gator tail,” alligator paw soup and alligator ribs with fruit sauces. This section is sponsored by SIN, Synthetic Industrial Non-Nutritives, Inc. Their School Mascot Division is pleased to announce their new eatable mascot models such the University of Florida’s Gator and the University of Georgia’s bulldog “Uga” for consumption at tailgate parties and similar events. These are now available, and other team mascot models are under development for next year.
A show-specific sponsor for this episode is MegaGator Park of Orlando, Florida, who offers gator meat, alligator hides, alligator clothing, day and night gator tours as well as stays on “Gator Island.” On the island your privacy is assured by being surrounded by 500 alligators who live in a 300 acre pond. The “Romantic Gator Get-a-Way Package” includes a 5-night stay in your own dog-trot cabin with assurances that every effort will be made to extract their guests at the end of their stay, or whatever they can recover of them.