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Eliakim Thorpe

Liberated Living – “Taking Back Your Power” w/ Robin Marvel (Part 1)

People often state that they are going to take back their power, only to find themselves in a continual pattern of bondage. The bondage many experience is simply the manifestation of a power outage, not being aware of the power within themselves. Instead, many people consciously or unconsciously give away their power to people, places, and/or things believing that power can be found outside of themselves instead of knowing that power can only be found within ones self. What a shame that so many people today live a powerless existence, never being able to conquer, possess, express, and demonstrate their own unique power that has the ability to contribute positively to a world in need of transformation. When people connect to the self, they will then find their power source and become liberated from all the things of the world that shackle God’s people. Listen to this show as it will help you reclaim your power in: relationships, purpose, career, family, and finances etc..

Eliakim is joined by author and motivational speaker, Robin Marvel who is known nationwide for teaching powerful tools to restore confidence, self love, and personal power resulting in enhanced daily living. Robin states, “You are not the product of bad parenting. You are not the product of your financial standing. You are not the product of your social status-You are what you choose to be right now! Life is your opportunity to create.

Take back your power today and if someone has taken care power, it is not because they’ve taken it, it is because you’ve given it!