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Magnetic Wealth – Is Money Controlling you?

Nan and her family live in one of the current wildfire locations. They are all well and safe, but have had to evacuate their home and may not be reachable for several days. Please be patient with any requests.

This Magnetic Wealth Show is all about how money is controlling you, your choices, decisions and life. It is deep and subconscious, yet true for us all.

Throughout history money has been used to control … and it has now become the norm to think you have to trade your time and energy for money. Money is a basic need. Yes, it is. It is one of your top 5 basic needs along with water, air and food.

You may not like that, and it may make you angry, but if so, this is the perfect show for you! It is time to understand.. not blame, that money is a powerful energy and it controls your life in more ways that you probably realize.

First we will look at your family history and beliefs… I will bet you can think of a few easy examples of how the way you family modeled and believed about money is controlling the choices you make.

Then we look at choices and decisions. You make your decisions based on how much money you have… to spend, or invest. Based on how much money you feel you deserve. You even make major life choices like having children, going to college, or which college based on your perception and relationship with money.

Once you become aware of this and see how deep of a rabbit hole this is… you will be amazed and what you can begin to change in your life.

It all begins with awareness.

This is not about anger or blame, this is about freedom. When money is not controlling you, you
are free to make choices from your Soul!

So be sure to grab the doanload of this, because this is an issue that will

This week we also have a quick share form an expert in self esteem and my ever popluar Magnetic Wealth Affirmation.

Join me and free yourself!

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I know you are strong enough to reclaim your power! Rich blessings,