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Dõv Baron

The Accidental Guru – Martin Latulippe

Join host Dõv Baron as he interviews social entrepreneur, four time best-selling author and philanthropist, Martin Latulippe CSP.  Baron and Latulippe discuss helping individuals, teams, and organizations by becoming a master of transformational thinking.

“Do you sometimes feel like you’re too late in life or in your career to follow your dreams?  Like those who are following their passions somehow knew what they wanted to be while they were in utero?  Have you told yourself that you are a ‘small town girl’ or ‘small town boy’ and that ‘small town folks just don’t make it in the big world?”  If you’re feeling like you’re up against “insurmountable odds” and you just “can’t even speak the same language as all those successful people,” then this is the show for you.  Whether you’ve given up on ever having a dream, or if you had a dream and lost it, Baron and Latulippe have got you covered.

Learn how to get back that skip in your step that can only come from knowing that who you are and what you do makes a difference–that your life has meaning.  As someone who has “been to the edge and has fallen off…but knows what it takes to come back–as a champion,” Martin Latulippe teaches how to ignore the well-meaning cynicism of your friends, set aside the worries of your family, and never, ever, settle for less than the very best for yourself and your dreams.

“Would you reclaim and regain the joy of your life?  Would you allow yourself to fully get engaged in the world?”  If you are ready to give up being just another soulless drone in the minimum wage world–if you’re ready to follow your dreams and discover your passions!–then this is the podcast for you.  Get listening and good luck on your journey!