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Think Beyond Pink

Linda Bamber

Think Beyond Pink – Dream Breast System II

Derek Shelton, has created a 12 week breast improvement system, so we’re giving him two weeks to tell us about his concept! Join us as we continue a second program that helps us to learn about our culture and mind set as it relates to our breast size. There are many studies that back up the idea that our bodies can be changed as we retrain our thinking. Derek shares examples of guided imagery that show us how our minds are in control….even for our breast size, shape, and firmness. He guides us through emotional problems that can stop or change our breast health in our teens. Derek, a clinical hypnotherapist, suggests that hormones can then be utilized years later when we improve our self image and challenge our mindset. Don’t miss out on this unusual program that might improve your breast image (and your self-image)….without pain, surgery or scarring. Confidentially–It’s really not much of a sacrifice to go to bed at night and listen to Derek’s soothing voice! Get in on the Dream Breast System blog and hear testimonies.