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Your Quantum Computer Within

Your Quantum Computer Within – Our Law of Attraction & the Much Larger Holographic Mirror

Ever wonder why we keep attracting the same old, same old emotional challenges into our life? Has it ever occurred to you, that you tend to become the very scoundrel you so often blame for your challenges, the more you keep on blaming them? For example the more some Muslim tends to blame certain Christian’s or vice versa certain Christian’s tend to blame some Muslims for their fate. The more such blamers tend to become exactly like the people they are resenting and hating. In other words, the more the more we blame the more we tend to become resentful haters our selves. So what is the way of this endless mirror game – bind? The only way out is to begin taking personal responsibility for our own powerful emotions, in such a way that we learn to clear ourselves from our own tendencies to become way too over-reactive compulsively driven by our own emotions. Inasmuch as the more we clear ourselves from attracting what we don’t want in the first place. The more we will start attracting from others, much more of what we do want. Until such time as can finally see, that within the context of the larger hologram, we are each other.