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Healing Through Creativity

Desiree Cox MD Ph.D.

Healing Through Creativity – Do what makes you come alive, Part 2. You can’t think your way to a better life.

‘You can’t think your way to a better life’, says Mark Mooney. Quite apart from the fact, as Cox reminds us, that when it comes to thinking about certain things like ‘free will’, ‘happiness’ and ‘fulfillment’, it seems we can’t think straight anyway. This week’s Healing Through Creativity, host Dr. Desiree Cox continues her conversation with Mark Mooney, VP of Public Programs at Strozzi Institute, and a certified Master Somatic Coach. Healing as whole-person health and it’s the connection between personal mastery and creativity and healing is the subject of their conversation. Mark is a teacher in Strozzi Institute’s Leadership and Action courses in the US, Europe and Asia, as well as providing individual coaching and business consulting. He uses a Somatic approach in all the domains in which he is involved whether it be teaching, coaching or in Aikido where his own journey of personal mastery has taken him to the rank of second degree black belt.
‘Do you’ve decided that certain things don’t work for you, and that you want to, need to change them to live a more fulfillned life. Now what? What do you do? Asks Dr Cox. Mooney, a former businessman who has studied with Dr. Richard Strozzi-Heckler for 19 years and has been a teacher at Strozzi Institute for 14 years, explains how transformation involves embodying new practices that help people unwind the parts of themselves that have contracted.
Cox and Mooney talk about change, motivation, commitment and the mind-body in this first part of their conversation about healing, creativity and personal mastery. Find out more about creativity and personal mastery with Mark Mooney and Dr Desiree Cox. You can also find out more about Dr. Desiree Cox on her website