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Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side

Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side – Eight Divergent Views–the Where We are, How We Got There, and What We Need to Do from a Round Robin Discussion of Eight Noted Authors From Around North America

Join Reid and eight authors who write non fiction, young adult fiction, weight loss, fitness, holistic medical, and–of course–historical western romance for a frank, insightful, round robin discussion on the woes of America, the performance of Obama, his minions and the Congress. You will be surprised at how these very different high powered individuals view coming civil unrest, beginning with the “US Day Of Rage” being planned by leftists across the US on September 17, how the U.S. sank to it’s present precarious situation, the loss of freedom, the value of the individual and the possible future outcomes of our current course. Is it dire, or a golden dawn? The Titanic headed for the iceberg of debt, inflation, and socialism, or smooth sailing? Do folks really get the lethal nature of this iceberg that looms large in the path of our National ship?

And, some terrific ideas–certain of them concrete, others more ephemeral and spiritual–as to how we get control of the rudder, change the direction of the country, and in doing so empower ourselves and other individuals as the Founders originally envisioned. You will be shocked at how the Canadian press portrays Obama and his policies, angry that the Canadians changed course from socialism and are relatively thriving–unlike America, and what folks in other countries are simply not being told by their media in their home countries.