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SolePath Discoveries – Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was a genius – on that I think we can all agree. But he was eccentric, he was a perfectionist, he was a risk taker and just what was it that caused the walls of his life to come tumbling down? Just when he was poised to make a great comeback – he left this world. What was the root of his gifts and his greatness and where did his pain and suffering come from? Michael Jackson died on the 25 June 2009 – the same day that the SolePath wisdom started downloading for me, an incredible coincidence.
Here is Michael Jackson’s SolePath …

To visit the official Michael Jackson website go to http://www.MichaelJackson.com If you would like a SolePathenergy reading for a loved one who has passed on, contact us through WebTalkRadio.net or LifeofJoy.ca I am Dr. Debra and I would love you to go to TeriWilder.com to listen to more of her inspiring uplifting music that we play on this show. until my next counseling session – remember this life is only about Joy.