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Blueprint for Profit

Blueprint for Profit – How to Get Over Sales Phobia!

You know that TV show Survivor? If I were on a deserted island, left to fend for myself…find shelter, safe water, stay warm…I would DIE. I so appreciate those who can DO those things. Like plumbers – who keep good water from bad, electricians – who are lightning wranglers, and heating pros – they make weather! I work with a lot of contractors and help them build their businesses, figure out their assets from their elbow, and charge more than it costs. These contractors depend on team members to communicate the value of their services. Many, most technicians would rather be burned alive than to – gulp – have to sell anything to anyone.

The topic will really hit home if you are a contractor. OR, if you or someone on your team has SALES PHOBIA! A deep and limiting fear of being called a Salesperson. Sound familiar? Good. You are in the right place.

My guest, John Nicholson, is a Comfort Advisor at Benjamin Franklin, The Punctual Plumber, in Springfield MO. He started plumbing over twenty years ago. He’s a licensed master plumber, master pipe fitter and was president of the Plumbing & Mechanical board. And John is a NASCAR fan, too! John has sold over $15 million in pipes and pumps and toilets over his career. Listen and learn…