Championship Thinking in Sports

Jim Meier

Championship Thinking in Sports – Cures for Common Technical and Mental Putting Ailments

Among the finest aspects of golf is putting. You don’t need to hit the ball 300 yards or shape a 165 yard 7 iron shot out of the first cut. No, putting is the great equalizer because anyone who golfs can get a put to the hole and in it. That is, if you have and use a few good technical and mental game skills. And this show will cover. You host teams up with repeat guest, Jerry King*, Director Kapalua Resort’s golf instruction program since 1995 and key player in the creation and design of the Kapalua Golf Academy. Key topics are: 1) The most common technical putting mistakes most amateurs make, 2) Jerry’s mental game routine and, 3) the top 4 mental game putting tips from your host, Jim Meier

Jerry has contributed an extensive array of instructional articles to local and national publications, and has been featured eight (8) times on The Golf Channel’s “Golf Academy Live” in Orlando, Florida. Under his leadership, the Kapalua Golf Academy is recognized by GOLF Magazine in its “Top 25 Golf Schools in America”. Jerry is currently recognized as a GOLF Magazine “Top 100 Teacher.”