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Divergence in Healthcare

Divergence In Healthcare – A Young Persons View on Healthcare

The ever increasing healthcare problem is n the minds of many people, including the young generation. It is important that the young people of today be included in the discussion about healthcare. It is probably the young who will be most affected by this problem. Will affordable healthcare be available for me and my future family? This is a question that a lot of us hasn’t really dealt with. It is important that we listen to what the young are thinking today and what they think should be done. In the process of this discussion, I hope that the young will likewise be educated in the healthcare process and be a part of the solution to this impending crisis. If people wants to improve their health in order to help in this healthcare problem, you can read my book entitled, Divergence in Healthcare. This book is available at or at If you want to send me a letter, please address it to:
Dr. Henry, P.O. Box 167, DuBois, PA 15801