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Eliakim Thorpe

Liberated Living – “Taking Back Your Power” w/ Robin Marvel (Part 2)

Listen to part 2 of this inspiring show as Eliakim is joined by Robin Marvel who courageously discusses her difficult childhood and how she was able to overcome. “Taking Back Your Power” is her testimony on how to regain and reclaim what you have always had, POWER! If you’re an individual feeling powerless, weak, guilt, shackled, and suffering from some form of bondage, the “Taking Back Your Power” discussion will re-position your life to re-awakening you to the indwelling presence, power, authority, and purpose for your life.

Robin states on purpose living, “We have each been given a life to live, what we do with it is really up to us. As we get up each day and take on the responsibilities of daily living we make the choice as to whether we live on purpose or not. With that choice we determine the day we will have and ultimately the life we will live. We can focus on the roadblocks and bumps we have and are experiencing in life. Finding excuses as to why our lives didn’t turn out as we had planned. It is easy to keep going through the motions of the life that we know. Its comfortable, safe, a sure thing. These excuses are good for one thing and that is keeping us stuck right where we are, leaving no room for personal growth. It becomes a choice: do you want to live or merely survive to make it through another day? Today we stop surviving and start LIVING! Honoring the opportunity to be alive. Finding joy in our lives at this moment, not when we get the job, lose the weight, make the team. Etc. Right now as you are, as your life is.
Take the first step to living on purpose. Start with recognizing the good stuff in your everyday living. Even in something as simple as your morning coffee. Have you ever just sat with your morning coffee and enjoyed the flavor, the smells, your ability to drink? Most of us do not, we grab it on our way out the door, in a hurry to get to the next place we are going. Invite joy to become a constant in your daily life by living eyes wide open to the good stuff of life. No more sitting on the sidelines of your life, your are the star player…Now get in there and start playing!”