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Renovation Bootcamp ™

Robin Siegerman

Renovation Bootcamp – Can An Interior Designer Save You Money Or Time Or Both?

The popular myth is that interior designers only work with very high end clients and movie stars. Some do, but there are many who can help people with more modest budgets, but it’s important to understand what their role is and what the costs are before you begin. You may be surprised by some of the advice from guest Kimberley Seldon–a veteran designer, TV personality, and Editor-in-Chief of Dabble Magazine–when she dishes about behind-the-scenes secrets of working with a designer.  Host Robin Siegerman, the “Renovation Drill Sergeant,” isn’t afraid to ask Kimberley the tough questions: What’s really going on? What can you expect when starting a new design project?  And do designers really thrust their own taste onto their unwitting clients?

Host Robin Siegerman starts off the show with her “Tip of the Week!”  Thinking of starting a renovation project?  You’ve bought all your materials and enlisted some help, but there might be one last thing you’re forgetting: A building permit.  How do you know when you actually need a building permit? What are they? How do you get one?  What kind of trouble will you get in without one? Robin has all the answers you’re looking for!

Kimberley Seldon joins Robin to answer questions and dispel common myths about interior designers.  Will designers go out of their way to find you the lowest price?  How long does it take to gather materials (in Canada VS. the United States)?  How has the economy changed the “lead times” for ordering fabrics and prints?

Robin and Kimberley discuss the hush-hush topic of hourly rates (and how those rates effect you!) and describe how years of experience add up to speed and efficiency when working in your home.  “You get faster, you get smarter, you get sharper…all those things,” says Kimberley Sheldon of her personal experience as an interior designer over the years.

Throughout this episode, you’ll learn everything you ever wanted to know about interior designers–as well as how to set your budget for when it’s your turn to have your very own home renovation.  Tune in!