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Ripley Radio – The Bearded Lady Finds Her Son and WE Find the Center of the Universe

Vivian Wheeler was starring on the midway as the Bearded Lady when her husband stole Richard, their 3-year old son. She never heard from either for more than 40 years. Last year, Wheeler and Richard were happily reunited on national television. Wheeler, still sporting an 11-inch long beard, visits us this week on Ripley Radio and tells us about her life on the midway as a bearded lady, and her long journey to find her son.

OK, we’ve all heard that the Mayan calendar runs out of dates in December 2012 and many connote that with the end of the world. Much has been written about the looming doomsday, but our guest this week, Tony Phillips, said his research shows that no one has bothered to talk with the Mayans about this and they don’t really believe it themselves!

Additional random amazements discussed this week:
· Chris Epting reports on his trip to the Center of the Universe. He’ll reveal where the elusive spot is located!
· We’ll laugh at a bank robber whose girlfriend made him return the money, only to get arrested!
· The troubles of a city mayor who was fired for not showing up to work will be discussed.
· Spam-flavored lip-gloss anyone? Yes, and we’ll talk about all the flavors Spam produces.
· Picture this: A man crashes into a car full of women. He takes off running and the women, all members of a college wrestling team chase him down and hold him in a painful grip until police show up.
· Following a conjugal visit with her husband in prison, the wife puts him in her suitcase and tries a unique form of Jail Break! Will they get caught? Tune in.
· She’s starting to get fan mail, so we feel It’s time for our Return Intern, Abby, to receive a new title. Any suggestions? “Like” us on Facebook at, and let us know your thoughts.