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Things My Mom Taught Me

Eugene Quinn

Things My Mom Taught Me – If Everyone Jumped off The Brooklyn Bridge

Its very easy to to follow the pack. My mother always taught the lesson, “if everyone jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge would you” letting me know I needed to do the right thing not what everyone else did. Kelvin Taylor, Managing partner of Taylored Analytical Marketing learned the same lesson growing up. He grew up in Natchez, Mississippi and did something most people don’t do, succeed. His mother Thelma made sure he did not do what others do and that he excelled in academics.
He did that, scholarship to college and now owner in three companies, his marketing company, Nicene Brands, and Moments and Time. It is a very compelling story of success.
“My House That Built Me” segment is about our evacuation of our house this weekend for fires in Texas and realizing the house is a carousel of memories.