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A Shield for the Innocent

Bidemi Nelson

A Shield for the Innocent – THE NEW FACE OF PEDOPHILIA

Sexual relations between an adult and a child or adolescent has been given various nomenclature … herbephilia, ephobilia, pederasty and pedophilia. While all of them are sex crimes perpetuated against children and adolescents, pedophilia however is the one that is registered as a sexual offense against children. It is described as any sexual interest in children or the act of child sexual abuse. Disturbingly, there is an organization that is advocating for the tolerance, understanding and acceptance of pedophiles and another group of people who are sexually and emotionally attracted to children (a group of people tagged MINOR ATTRACTED PERSONS). Find out more about this group of people and this Maryland based organization (B4UACT) who see sexual and emotional attraction to children as a new sexual orientation. If you are a parent or caregiver, you definitely don’t want to miss this episode of A SHIELD FOR THE INNOCENT. For more information about the organization (B4UACT), please visit this website ““. For information about child sexual abuse, please visit the website of THE RAPE, ABUSE AND INCEST NETWORK “