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Ambitious Entrepreneur

Ambitious Entrepreneur – Marketing & Money Mindset Practices for the Heart-Centered, Creative Entrepreneur

Are you a heart-centered, creative entrepreneur who’s giving away way too much of your time in comparison to what you’re charging your clients? Or perhaps you’re finding it difficult to charge what you’re worth for your services despite the amazing results your clients are achieving?

Annemarie Cross is joined by special guest Sherri McLendon - a marketing mentor, writer, educator and publicist, and owner of Professional Moneta International.

Sherri specializes in helping divine feminine entrepreneurs upscale their money mindset and apply spiritual practices to their marketing, public relations and media communications.

Find out the reasons why heart-centered entrepreneurs feel that they have to give away their gifts, talents and services for free and how their insecurity and lack of self-belief will continue to devalue what they can bring to their clients.

She also shares why not dealing with money clutter will continue to block the flow of money into your business and prevent you from creating abundance in your life and business.

Sherri explains unique principles that will help you change your mindset around charging what you’re worth so that you can place yourself in a position of leadership in your business.

Want to find out the number one way to move you quickly to your goals? Sherri will show you how, as well as explain how you can move from a place of servitude into a place of service – and why this is so important for heart-centered, creative entrepreneurs.