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Brain-Body Breakthroughs

Brain-Body Breakthroughs – GALSCHOOLS 101 — Transforming education one child at a time: An interview with Liz Wolfson

Imagine classrooms filled with happy learners. Children anxious to stand up and discuss what they just read. Movement, energy and enthusiasm. At GALSCHOOLS (Girls Athletic Leadership Schools) they call it their brand of active pedagogy. And if standardized testing is any measure of success, they are succeeding! After only their first year, they rank in the top 18% in the Denver Public Schools.

Based on new research, exercise and movement facilitate learning and at GALSCHOOLS they take both seriously. Not only that, but imagine a school where eating in class is allowed … because the brain needs fuel for optimal learning. According to Liz Wolfson, Founder of GALSCHOOLS, young girls need more fruits and vegetables in their diets to more effectively fuel the creative learning environment the school fosters.

It’s not just the kids who move, there are frequent runs with the teachers leading the pack. It is their job to ignite learning in their students so that the kids take charge of their lives and naturally evolve into community leaders.

The passion for learning starts at the top with Liz and permeates the teachers, assistants and students.

Come join us for a far-ranging conversation where nothing is off limits. Find out how learning is enhanced by Zumba classes, bouncy balls in computer lab and children playing electrons as they fly around the nucleus.