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Paranormal is Normal

Paranormal is Normal – These machines aid Meditation and train Psychic Ability

My guest is the managing director of Meditations Ltd. who sells meditation aids which use light and sound, to bring about deep meditation much quicker and easier than do traditional meditation techniques. Headphones and glasses, which have small lights inserted, are used to induce relaxation by changing our brain rhythms causing us to access the dream or trance state. This will improve sleep, reduce stress and depression, as well as focus concentration and memory. My guest Ivor Murray explains that everybody is a latent psychic, and can develop their psychic powers by learning the art of meditation, Then by using a 12 week course anyone may gradually learn to identify their own psychic ability that may include, ESP in its many forms, the ability to see auras, out of the body experiences or to contact and use a spirit guide. All these things are considered to be paranormal; but the ability is there. With slow and careful training there is a good chance that some measure of success can be achieved using modern technology, as well as the instructions from the psychic giving 12 lessons over the Internet.