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Ripley Radio – Lassie, a Boy Named Timmy & a Lifeguard Wearing Speedos

Jon Provost, who portrayed Timmy in the Lassie TV series for 260 episodes in the 1950s is our guest this week and he openly talks about how being a child star then, differs greatly from being one now. We discuss his new autobiography, “Timmy’s in the Well,” and find that while Timmy seemed to be saved every week by Lassie, he NEVER did fall into a well – Believe It or Not! Provost relates many fun and unbelievable stories about his years on the show.

Here’s a Newsflash! Clowns as a group are universally disliked! In a poll of kids, ages 4 to 16, it was found that the great majority felt clowns were creepy, even if they themselves weren’t scared of them. We take a look at that poll and discuss why most clowns blame Stephen King for their unpopularity!

Additional random amazements discussed this week:

· A veteran lifeguard employed by New York City is losing his job! It seems that guards need to wear skimpy Speedos during their yearly swim test, and the 60-plus year old refuses to do so.

· It’s now official! Charlie Sheen has been named America’s most untrusted celebrity, according to a new Reuter’s poll. We aren’t surprised by that, but we were surprised to find who the MOST Trusted American Celebrity is. Tune in and hear our discussion about this amazing woman. Hint: She’s very hot in Cleveland! And it’s not Oprah!

· We learn that the King and Queen of Sweden were denied service in a restaurant in Germany. It seems a wedding was taking place at the eatery and there was no room for the Royal party.

· From a vintage Ripley Radio show, we hear of a New Hampshire man who walked from St. Louis, Mo., to St. Petersburg, Russia!

· Our roving reporter, Chris Epting, tells us all about the quintessential roadside attraction – the Desert Tower in Jacumba, Calif.

· From our “what will the hackers think of next” department comes the story of A Rogue Panda warning in Flagstaff, Ariz.

· AND, we discuss a new, totally awesome and unbelievable attraction for thrill seekers. At the top of the CN Tower in Toronto, the Edgewalk has been created. For a fee, adults get put in a harness and walk out and hang over the edge – 1,168 feet high!