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Laurie Handlers

Sex and Happiness – Celibacy, a Non-religious Conscious Choice

Laurie Handlers explores the world of celibacy as a non-religious conscious choice with Tanja Diamond, “The Tantra Teacher”, C.Ht, NLP, creator of Modern Tantra™ and Tantra for Business™. Tanja is a Life Strategist specializing in Business, Spirituality and Sexual Intimacy, and the author of Beyond Sex: Tantra, a practical guide to extraordinary living. The information that Tanja shares and what she learned from each aspect of her six years of celibacy is priceless.

Diamond discusses different phases of celibacy, the first being no sex, with another, no self-sex. Then she moves into a periods of having sex with herself, but with no other. Then she spent a few years dating, but remaining sex free and finally she took two years to be able to kiss and touch, and cuddle, but nothing more explicit. One could say that it was truly a Tantric journey into the depths of self, an experiment with boundaries and with communication extraordinaire.

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