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Smart Solutions for Busy People

Smart Solutions for Busy People – HOW TO CLEAR THE CLUTTER

If you’re drowning in piles of papers or avoiding rooms in your home overrun by “stuff” you may have a clutter problem. Clutter literally blocks flow and movement in our homes and in our mental, emotional and spiritual lives as well. When we start clearing the clutter, we open up – literally! – to feeling lighter and freer. As a bonus, we can be more efficient and actually save time for the fun things in life. This week, Deanne Marie explores the 4 types of clutter and where they may be showing up in your home; the profound negative effects that clutter can have on our lives; and the reasons why we let stuff pile up. Based on her own experiences reducing clutter in her life, Deanne shares her 5 general rules for clearing clutter, including the “one touch” rules and ideas to practice clutter prevention. Also this week, get another Holiday Entertaining Tip to help create your holiday menus and party plans.