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Spiritual Renaissance

Spiritual Renaissance – Can you “see” yourself as already “there?”

One of the “magical” elements of being able to manifest true success is the ability to Visualize the end-result before it has happened. Perceive with ALL your senses how, exactly, it would be to be in the time, place and situation that you would like to create. And, then, actually “feel” the feelings that you would feel, if you were really there; but feel them NOW! Why? Well, listen to the show to find out!
Also, give genuine, heartfelt thanks and actually feel the gratitude for having all that you already have (even if there is more; maybe a LOT more that you would like to have). Learn how and why actually feeling thankful for what you have gets you more of what you want, and less (or none) of what you don’t want! Check out this episode of Spiritual Renaissance for two more of the Nine Simple Steps to REAL success in ALL areas of life. You can also get the Nine Simple Steps Guide for free by signing-up for my free monthly e-zine at