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Linda Bamber

Think Beyond Pink – Breast Health Exposed

Jan Janzen, author of Breast Health Exposed: 21 Secrets Most Doctors Will Never Tell You About Your Breasts says “It is really so unnecessary that every day, every 12 minutes, a woman dies of breast cancer. Lack of education, fear, and greed are creating a travesty that future generations will surely look upon in horror.’’ She shares with us that the biggest problem with getting the word out is that her secrets don’t make money for the drug companies, doctors or big corporations. “After all, breast cancer is big business. Breast health is not. It would appear that while it is putting money in their coffers, it isn’t keeping women’s breasts healthy and where they belong—on their chests.” Join us as Jan shares several of her secrets that can improve your breast health. Then share them with others and be part of the Breast Health Revolution.