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Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side

Reid L Rosenthal On the Right Side – 091911

Mr Obama promised to halve the deficit in three years (2008), to uphold and defend the Constitution (inaugural–2009), that he is not a socialist (repeatedly), that maintaining the Bush tax cuts was important to the economy (December, 2010–January 2011), that he was reducing regulations (August-September 2011), that his favorite words are “made in America” (September 2011), that he “stays awake at night thinking about un-employment” (numerous times since February 2011), and that he will unify the country (too many times to count in 2007/2008 campaign). His actions, those of his surrogates, the deafening, divisive and violent rhetoric of his mouthpieces without chastisement or distancing by him, his appointment of avowed–and in some cases registered– socialists/communists to positions as czars, within his cabinet, and among his closest advisors–not to mention his scores of past affiliations–, his new proposed tax and spend legislation (which he states he will veto if it is not ALL his way), job exporting by his trusted advisors (whose companies pay no tax), crony funding scandals, and the state of the country are stone, cold hard facts–not surmise or the clamor of pundits.

Join Reid for a fast overview of the lies, whys, and the hypocrisy, and a reminder to listen to his last three interviews concerning the problem, the fix, and how to protect yourself between now and the righting of the ship of state that will hopefully occur in the future. Jelani Asar interview on the real debt facing America, interview of David Rehr–former President of the National Broadcasters Association, top lobbyist and DC insider, constantly on FOX, MSNBC, CBS, PBR with the potential fix to the madness, and discussion with the Hon. Nancy Steorts, advisor to five presidents, former Chair of the National Consumer Product Safety Board, frequent contributor of ABC CBS,FOX, NPR and other major media for the steps you must take to protect yourself and your family if the unimaginable happens. Reid also suggests a video–not a recommendation of the producer or his products–simply a message on the dollar and the euro which should be watched for informational purposes, www.NewAmerica3.com