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Talk for Food

Adam Abraham

Talk For Food – Healing with Angels, Music, and Knowledge

This week join Adam as he explores the many dimensions and methods of healing with three guests.

From the 2011 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference (, we meet Jerry Bedlington (, who will summon a veritable army of angelic hosts to work on your behalf.

Working in partnership with a team of clairvoyants, the scope of Bedlington’s services transcends time, space, and dimension. If you didn’t know that you were that expansive, or powerful, now you do.

When his solo tour across America reached Arizona, hang (pronounced “hung”) musician Matt Venuti ( paid a visit. One thing led to another, including a wonderful imprinting of the hang’s Soul-stirring vibrations in his wake.

Close your eyes while you listen, and be taken away from all that troubles you, to be One with that which heals all wounds.

Then meet Alan Kreglow, from Fairfield, Iowa, who shares insights that he learned while curing himself of Cancer twice. The first time he used MMS, the Miracle Mineral Supplement developed by Jim Humble. When the Cancer returned in another area of his body, he switched strategies.

This is part one of a two-part conversation that you’ll want to share with others.