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A Lasting Love

Hadley Finch

A Lasting Love – Embracing Death Without Fear and Saying Good-bye to Someone You Love

Get help facing death and saying “goodbye” to someone you love as host Hadley Finch, founder of Tribe of Singles and Tribe of Couples, talks with hospice social worker, Joanne HarveyWhen someone you love is dying, it hurts to see them endure their final illness. It hurts to know you can’t change their outcome. Yet, you can help them embrace their journey without fear.  Hadley and Joanne are here to answer your most pressing questions:

  • How do you talk about death?
  • How do you deal with your pain and theirs?
  • What will you talk about?
  • What should you not talk about?
  • How do you wrap up unfinished business?
  • Should you give or ask for an apology?
  • How can you best help them and yourself?
  • How do you connect in meaningful ways if the dying person is cranky or doesn’t want to talk?
  • How do you handle anticipatory grief and find love that never dies?
  • How does hospice care support a terminally ill person and their family embrace the journey that is a natural part of life?

You aren’t the only one searching for answers.  Host Hadley Finch looks to Joanne Harvey throughout this poignant episode  for help facing the impending death of someone she loves.  Joanne, a hospice social worker who helps terminally ill people and their families face the realities of death, strives to ease the pain and honor the final journey that as mere mortals we all will face someday.  Joanne is also the author of Dying To Live: Embracing The Journey.

Do you need help?  Is your life feeling limited, unfulfilled, and unhappy?  Are you interested in hospice care but have no idea where to begin?

Tune in as Hadley and Joanne teach us all how to live without limits, break a few rules, and live the rest of our lives with boundless optimism–no matter how short (or long!) that life may be!