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Tom Powers

gastrotommy – 092611

This week’s Gastrotommy features two great guest segments. First up is my friend Steve Olson who is known in our community as akawinegeek. Steve is one of the leading mixologists in the US. He has founded BAR the Beverage Alcohol Resource with several colleagues where they teach bartenders proper technique. He is as knowledgeable and passionate about our industry as anyone in the business. He is a global traveler exploring the world’s great beverages. Steve was kind enough to share a few great cocktail recipes for the fall. Be sure, they are delicious. Then, we talk to restaranteur Simon Lamb from Tribute in Chicago and his Executive Chef, Jared Case. These gents give us great insight into their world. The conversation is filled with laughter inspired by a couple of friends getting together. I know you will love this show.