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Paranormal is Normal

Paranormal is Normal – Medium of the century: from Brazil.

Chico Xavier was perhaps the greatest medium. His work was nearly all automatic writing, but he was able to contact the “spirit world” with the greatest of ease. He wrote hundreds of books which were amazingly accurate. For example, he wrote about the Romans, of 2,000 years ago, giving accurate details of life at the time; even giving people’s names. But he had very little education there being not even a library in his hometown which was in a remote part of Brazil. My guest is Guy Lyon Playfair who lived in Brazil for several years, meeting Chico on several occasions, then later writing a book “Chico Xavier-Medium of the Century” and another about Chico and psi research in Brazil called “The Flying Cow”. He gives many details of Chico’s life and psychic powers; which were not only writing books, but he conducted spiritual medium ship where he was able to write down personal details of sitters deceased relatives, which he could not possibly have known. He gave away all his money, to charities, so was very famous and loved. He was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, which he nearly won, and at his funeral 20,000 people joined the procession. The question arises how did he get all the information for his automatic writing which was all done without conscious thought and at great speed? much of it done in public. Was it by contact with the spirits, which was his own belief, or was it by ESP? My own opinion is that it was the latter, but my guest has no fixed opinion on the matter although he is able to give first hand information on the medium ship of that amazing man.