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Robin Siegerman

Renovation Bootcamp – Let There Be Light!

Did you know that poor lighting can cause headaches, eye strain, and chronic muscle problems?  With an aging population, good lighting for our homes is more important than ever.  However, the familiar incandescent light bulb is scheduled for extinction by 2012 across North America.  What will we do…?  Host Robin Siegerman welcomes a very special guest–lighting designer James Bedell–to this informative episode of Renovation Bootcamp!  James explains the pending legislation, what it means, why it’s being brought in, and what our options will be once it becomes the law of the land.

As the author of the forthcoming book Losing Edison: Beautiful, Sustainable Lighting at Home, James Bedell is positioning himself as a lighting expert at the forefront of the lighting “war” ahead!  James is here to answer all of your most prevalent lighting questions: Are we going to be stuck with yucky fluorescent bulbs that look like a mechanical version of a soft-serve ice-cream cone and emit a sickly grey/blue light that’s barely bright enough to read by? Are we going to have to throw away every lamp in the house to accommodate LED bulbs? Does the new law mean we’ll have to stockpile the light bulbs that we know and love before they’re gone for good? And what’s so bad about the light bulbs we own now, anyway?

“I think people are a little confused…thanks to the media,” explains James Bedell of the upcoming law change.  “No one really wants to buy [these bulbs] until they’re forced to,” Robin Siegerman says.  But does this change in lighting legislation have to be horrendous?  James offers Renovation Bootcamp listeners the manufacturer names of some excellent alternative light sources that you can buy without going on a hunting expedition.

“It will be a very, very exciting market two years from now,” promises James Bedell.  Are YOU ready for the Light Revolution…?  Tune in!