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Single Mom Talk Radio – Finding the Right Person to Leave Your Child With

For a single mom, finding loving, responsible child care isn’t just a wish—it’s a necessity. When you have to be away, how do you trust the person you’re leaving your children with? What questions must you ask a potential nanny? Should you spy on her with a nanny cam? How can you turn good sitters into excellent ones?

These are some of the questions we’ll answer on this show as we talk with Candi Wingate, award-winning and nationally recognized child care expert and founder of three of the world’s largest online nanny databases. You’ll hear the story of Emily, a mom who thought she was hiring good caregivers but found that she wasn’t at all! Candi will tell us what Emily could have done differently. You’ll learn things to do to keep from hiring the wrong person, including when and why you should run background checks. Candi will also discuss other ways to head off problems with your sitters in advance. “Every mom,” says Candi, “should have a contract with her nanny so that communication and expectations are clear.” She will recommend “nanny cams” (video recorders) and “nanny bugs” (audio recorders)—but not in the secretive sense people often talk about. Candi’s advice will take the “Ick!” out these products, so that you can use them as not as spying devices but as powerful tools. When you can’t be home, using a sitter or a nanny may be a second-best option—but it can be a really good one! The ideas in this program will show you how!

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