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Adam Abraham

Talk For Food – LifeWave Patches and Cancer Self-Treatment Strategies

One of the innovative products on stage at the 2011 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference (, was the energy patch product developed by LifeWave Inc. Its unconventional method of remediation, which is based on the delivery of energy or frequencies as the “medicine,” have led some to question its authenticity and even use the dreaded “S” word (i.e., scam). However, detractors have been unable to counteract the impressive results that LifeWave adopters have reported, and the growing volume of scientific research that is beginning to make the viability of the Company’s methods self-evident.

After sitting in on a technical presentation given by David Schmidt, LifeWave founder and CEO, Adam wanted to know more. That came from Steve Haltiwanger, MD, LifeWave’s Health and Science Director.

Listen in and you’ll see how what may look like “smoke and mirrors,” can actually have what it takes for energetic beings like you and me. (

Then we present the conclusion of Adam’s conversation on cancer self-treatment with Alan Kreglow, from Fairfield, Iowa. Kreglow, who is active on the CancerVictory Yahoo Group, outlines a five-step plan for making cancer self-treatment easy. Adam adds a few more steps for good measure.

While no one would suggest that anyone turn their back on competent medical treatment, it is becoming increasingly important to understand what medical competence, or incompetence actually is. The insights gleaned from Kreglow’s experience, and more importantly, his success, should be studied by anyone who truly wishes to be a conqueror of, and conquered by this condition.