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The Optimistic Muslim

The Optimistic Muslim – The Muslims Are Coming!

How often have you heard far-right commentators warning, “Look out America, because the Muslims are Coming!”  Well, they might be coming, but perhaps not in the way you think. Turns out Muslim Media Mogul Negin Farsad is leading a different sort of Muslim invasion in the American Mid-West, an invasion that answers an important question: When you’re a Muslim Comedian–born, raised, and living in America–seeing how little there is to laugh about in America today thanks in part to a drastic increase in Islamophobia, what do you do? Join the Optimistic Muslim, Dr. David Liepert, as he talks to Negin about the tour, the reception so far, the hopes and aspirations that are motivating it, and the reasons behind her amazing campaign of comedy and engagement in America and around the world.  And, most importantly, how to get tickets for the show!

Negin Farsad, recently voted the 14th funniest woman (out of 50!) in America by the Huffington Post, starts off the episode by explaining how The Muslims Are Coming came to be.  Discussing her roots on Comedy Central (“It was like the Chappelle Show, but for brown people!”), her plans for an upcoming feature film, and what it’s like taking on the American mid-west as a Muslim American.

What has the reception been like?  How does Negin Farsad manage to make such a provocative topic so hilarious?  And has The Muslims Are Coming transcended from simple “comic relief” to becoming a tool for better racial integration and understanding?  Is the hatred toward Muslims finally dying down?

In this sweet, revealing, chuckle-filled interview, Negin Farsad and Dr. David Liepert cover the gamut from Muslims, Americans, race-relations, to religious strife and Islamophobia.  What do you do when the country you love so dearly suddenly hates you?  Make ‘em laugh!  Get ready to smile–and ask yourself some deep questions–as you listen to The Optimistic Muslim!