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Your Quantum Computer Within

Your Quantum Computer Within – Taking Response-Ability – Like Never Before

The time has come for all of humanity to wake up and realize, that the Kingdom of Heaven within, cannot be found without us making a certain effort to become fully conscious. Historically we have tried to rely on believing as our means to be saved. The big problem with merely believing, is that it starts to set people against each other. In the huge lack of sense that we start to believe our beliefs are better and therefore make us better – than those we do not hold our same beliefs. This is just another ego-centric game – with the result of centuries of endless conflict. On the other hand the moment we come to actually experience a state of non-separte At-One-Ment, or Atone-Ment, with that larger whole which is both at the same time Imminent, as well as Transcendental. We begin to realize that we are all of us a most intimate part of this larger Hologram, that we have been referring to as God. The good news is that as more and more of us begin to truly get this, we are going to have a chance to blast ourselves forward into the sort of new renaissance, that will make the last one seem like child’s play.