Championship Thinking in Sports

Jim Meier

Championship Thinking in Sports – Be an Animal

An athlete can highly improve his/her range of performance by leaning to mirror and adopt animal behaviors. In my sports psychology and sports hypnosis work, there are times teaching a player or coach to “becomes an animal” is a useful technique. Tune in to hear examples about how this is done and the results that followed. You’ll hear about: A) Paul, a 6’4”, 215 lb pitcher, turned wolverine, B) Megan, collegiate tennis standout, guarding and attacking the court like a cheetah, and C) Dan, the defensive back becoming a vigilant, laser-focused hawk in effortless glide. I love being in the presence of animals; observing and learning from them. I also love an animal’s ability to laser focus, release energy, channel strength and instinctively create opportunities. And, in my professional work, I love helping create the mental game edge in sports. There is no guest for this show. Like the eagle I fly solo.