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Desiree Cox MD Ph.D.

Healing Through Creativity – Imagining the Future of Being Human – Part 2 – Light-bulb moments

2012, A ‘Change of Age’. Tom Evans continues on from last weeks show with Andrew Lyon from the International Futures Forum in this series of exploratory conversations on the Healing Through Creativity show imagining the Future of our species with host Dr. Desiree Cox

Tom Evans is 21st century renaissance man, a serial entrepreneur and engineer now author, poet, musician and mentor of other authors on how to banish writer’s block and tap into their creative muse. After taking a degree in Electronics, he embarked on a career as a broadcast engineer with the BBC. He has also had his own company manufacturing innovative widgets to broadcasters worldwide and has received two Royal Television Society awards for his inventions as well as having several patents to his name. Evans is a trained hypnotherapist and specialises in past life and intra-life regression as well as future life progression. He has written three books: Blocks, Flavors of Thought, and his latest book, The art and science of Light Bulb Moments (published by O books, 2011).

Cox and Evans continue on from the powerful conversation begun with Cox and Lyon in part 1 of this series. In this weeks inspiring conversational journey Cox and Evans explore how as individuals we can convert ‘light-bulb’ moments into real live products, as well as how to create work environments where individuals and teams are empowered to be ‘whole’ at work and collectively dream new futures for their businesses, and ultimately, for our species as a whole.

Find out more about the Tom Evans, his books, talks and workshops from his website. You can also find more about Dr Desiree Cox on her website