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Single Mom Talk Radio – Planting Self-Esteem Seeds That Sprout Happy, Powerful People

Self-esteem seeds are being planted in our children everyday, just as they were planted in us when we were young. It’s human nature to fill in the gaps and give meaning to our lives. As a result, children often generalize events in an attempt to both understand and avoid unpleasant experiences. A girl who did poorly on a math test may conclude, “I’m not very smart.” A boy who gets teased in class may conclude, “People don’t like me. It’s better if I don’t speak up.” The effects of such conclusions are disastrous. Left unchecked, they can lead to tragedy. More commonly they show up in disguise, as endless struggle.

WAIT! Surely if negative seeds can be planted, so can positive ones—ones that build happy, powerful people! Today’s show gives you practical steps and specific examples to plant good seeds. Dr. Joe Rubino, author of more than twelve self-esteem books and audio programs, will outline the five components of self-esteem and how parents can affect them.

You’ll also learn how your own life can be supported. Dr. Rubino will describe the common emotional habits—the predominant “addictive” emotional states originating in lower self-esteem—that we adults can fall prey to unless we consciously choose otherwise. You’ll hear ideas on how to repair self-esteem after the upset of a divorce or other stressful experiences. “There are fundamental principles for building powerful and happy people—principles that can be easily learned and mastered,” says Dr. Rubino. Listen to today’s show, check out his “self-esteem system”—and share this post with a friend!

p.s. I now have a single mom blog w/ a related video up- come say hi.