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The John Layfield and Michael Cole Show

John Layfield and Michael Cole

The John Layfield Show – Wall Street Protests, is this the start of something bigger?

This week John Layfield takes on the Wall Street protests, the Detroit Lions, Al-Awlaki, and Chris Christie.  In a show that reveals “what’s really going on in our government and why [John Layfield] think[s] it’s going to get worse,” John chastises the government for making the rich richer (and the poor poorer!), and calls them out for currently running against the very policies they created in the first place!

“I’m not sticking up for the rich,” says John Layfield, going onto explain interest rates and why the animosity shown toward bankers and politicians might not be entirely just.  Are you a home owner?  Are you concerned–or just plain confused!–by the economy?  Do you wonder why the rich, who don’t need financing, are the ones to get financing?  Ever wonder why poverty in America is higher now than it’s been in years?  John’s got the answers!

“Governor Rick Perry just lost the race!” says John Layfield.  Why?  Why do you think??  Herman Cain has also been accused of being a racist, as has the Tea Party in general!  Do these accusations have any roots in fact–or are they just plain mean?

“The one thing that could change the race this week is Governor Chris Christie.”  Why?  And would he stand a chance in 2016 if he loses in 2012?

Was the assassination of Al-Awlaki illegal?  Of course!  But is John Layfield sad it happened?  Not a bit!  But how can America break International Law and get away with it?  Maybe.  If they follow John’s plan.

“These guys are out of this world!” says John.  Who’s he talking about?  An unbelievable football team!  But are they “the team to beat?”  And what about basketball?  Can everyone’s collective egos be sorted out in time for the NBA championships?

In the last segment, John Layfield takes on a “dingbat troublemaker” and her frivolous lawsuit!  You’re going to want to stay tuned to the very end of this episode!  John’s here to tell it like it is and he’s not going away!