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Your Quantum Computer Within

Your Quantum Computer Within – Our Most Sacred Hearts Within

Our great human tragedy, is that so many of us keep looking to some-one or some-thing outside of ourselves to try and save us. As though some-one else like a Krishna, an Aphrodite, a Moses, a Buddha, a Lao Tsu, a Christ, a Mohammed, a Black Elk who has found access to the great One Source, can somehow help us by way of our simply believing in – their greatness. When in greater truth, they were all merely doing their best to point into, what can be found inside of each of our very own selves. All hail awaken, for it is only with your own Sacred Heart within, that the true happiness you seek can be found. Once you truly get this, this will be the moment you will finally begin to under-stand the greater glory of our ‘made in the image’ human design.