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Adam Abraham

Talk For Food – Indelible Promise Preview with Paul Pantone

This show was not recorded at the Extraordinary Technology Conference, but it started there, when Adam met and interviewed Paul Pantone, developer of GEET.

That show didn’t go over that well with Pantone, after reviewing it. He liked Adam, but thought he “talked too much.” (It is Adam’s radio program after all.) Nonetheless, the connection that the two men made was positive enough for Pantone to extend an invitation for Adam to visit him at his home in Oklahoma. This show is just a fraction of the subjects they discussed.

One element of GEET is plasma energy, a subject that has been shrouded in mystery, and yet, is as old as time itself, and part of the essence of life. It may even be the technological intersection point between science and spirit. The idea won’t sound so far-fetched when you see what is possible when a GEET device is attached to a gas or diesel motor, or learn how the car and truck buying public has been dissuaded from using GEET devices.

We’ve paid a high price for the obstruction. Decide for yourself if we’ve paid enough.

This show is also a preview for a video product that Adam is producing of the entire roughly 4-hour dialogue, titled, Indelible Promise (, available December 1, 2011.

Compelling subject and speaker. You’ll wonder where the hour went!

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